Just as doctors and lawyers focalize on a specific field of medicine or law, translators are no exception.  Specializing in a particular field is a way to better serve the specific needs of my clients. After years of being a “general practitioner”, I moved into food and wine translation and also have extensive experience in other fields such as travel and tourism, renewable energies and education.

My work has been published by regulatory councils, leading food and beverage brands and products with protected designations of origin. My portfolio also includes language service consulting for clients whose needs include translation of other subjects and in multiple languages.

This is what you can expect from me:

Initial contact:

To determine the scope of your project and your specific needs in order to come up with a fine-tuned proposal to meet your expectations.


Language service consultancy:

Review of the original text and style guide specifications, timeline design and potential setup of a translation team (subcontracting qualified translators for multiple languages).


Translation and transcreation:

Accurate and timely delivery of all your documents in the language(s) you need and that meet all the specifications of your company or organization.



The only foolproof way to follow up a translation is to have it reviewed and proofread by a professional in order to guarantee top-quality, error-free texts.



After delivering your project, I like to set up a time to discuss any relevant issues that arose during the project and propose a strategy for ongoing collaboration.